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Brand Marketing Manager (Maternity Cover)

This job is no longer available

i2i Events
15 August 2013
09 September 2013

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Key Responsibilities:

  • Manage the marketing budget for the brand/portfolio, ensuring this delivers the required commercial results and ROI. This includes agreeing (with HoM, DD, sales heads and finance) the brand budget; allocating budget to specific event activity (working with other marketing team heads to agree spend per channel/activity type); and regularly monitoring spend vs. results.
  • Define the value proposition and ensure all customer messaging reflects this.
  • Create brand objectives, and own the brand identity, including design, creative, messaging and brand guidelines.
  • Demonstrate strong customer, market and competitive focus. Identify the market intelligence needed to create and deliver the plan, and work with Head of Insight to scope out and deliver the required research, data analysis and insight.  
  • Create and manage the strategic marketing plan for each event, covering all revenue streams, all markets (territory and sector) and all relevant customer audiences (visitor, exhibitor, sponsor, delegate, press), in order to achieve event objectives.
  • Define target audience profiles (by role, sector, territory and company) and required reach for event; create data acquisition strategy and research plan to deliver required reach, and work with data team to deliver.
  • Create profiles / personas for each key audience, with positioning and messaging statements for each.
  • Agree sales goals (customer numbers and revenues by customer type) with sales head; work with sales head and exhibitor marketing team to create exhibitor acquisition & retention plans, including key customer plans. 
  • Create the promotional and media plan, stemming from the sales & marketing plan, and covering pre, during and post-event activity. Ensure this makes clear what activity is needed, key deadlines, budget, required audience reach, required outcome. As part of this, work with content team to create a marketing content plan, for distribution through multiple channels, including social media, email and websites.
  • Ensure that the promotional plan includes effective activities along each stage of the customer funnel, including new prospect acquisition, awareness driving, engagement, lead generation and conversion, and loyalty/advocacy (for visitors, exhibitors, sponsors and delegates). 
  • Create a partnership plan (including associations, professional bodies & media partners); acquire and manage the relationship with Tier 1 strategic partners, including media partners and key customers; work with PR team to enable them to acquire and manage Tier 2 partners; work with Campaigns team to ensure partnership contra requirements are fulfilled. 
  • Work with Exhibitor, PR and Digital & Campaigns teams to ensure all plans translate into clear campaign and activity schedules, and meet required timelines, milestones and budgets; and that all elements of the plan are covered tactically, with someone accountable for delivering all aspects of the plan. 
  • Ensure strong communication with delivery teams at all times, including weekly meetings to review activity, spend and results, and agree plans to optimise or remediate where needed.
  • Provide aggregated reporting of event KPI performance vs. target, ensuring full ownership of monthly marketing KPIs, and weekly 5.15 reporting.
  • Key contributor to 14 month event plan (led by DD); key contributor to proposition development, e.g. new sections, re-editing, brand extensions.
  • Present to sales and other key internal and external audiences as required, acting as the advocate for the brand.
  • Deliver onsite briefing at event to event staff as required.
  • Identify and deliver innovative ways to bring high levels of visitor and exhibitor engagement and advocacy across the i2i events portfolio
  • [Hannah to add in specific responsibilities for LSEs, including management of intl agents network and activity, and social media activity].


  • Event customer numbers, revenues, profit and market share
  • Qty, qlty and value of visitors, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors for each event (as relevant)
  • Customer experience and NPS
  • Brand budget ROI

Experience Required:

  • Minimum two years experience of developing strategic frameworks and processes, and creating highly effective strategic and tactical marketing plans.
  • Practiced in managing and implementing all aspects of the marketing mix, covering proposition, pricing, distribution/sales strategies, and promotional strategies.
  • Experience of brand management and development.
  • Practiced in managing all aspects of the promotional mix.
  • Experience of developing customer insight and improving customer experience.  
  • Minimum two years experience of (and demonstrated aptitude for) all aspects of digital marketing, including eCRM, email & mobile, social media, website management, Ux, search and online advertising.
  • Knowledgeable about i2i Events Group market sector issues and debates.
  • Experience of working within the events industry or i2i Events Group key market sectors desirable. 
  • Degree in business or marketing desirable.
  • International experience desirable.

Key Competencies Required:

  • Robust strategic thinker.
  • Analytical, data-driven and highly structured approach to decision-making.
  • Customer-oriented, taking pride in exceeding customer expectations.
  • Strongly results-focused, able to clearly demonstrate success via proven metrics.
  • Excellent influencing and negotiating skills.
  • Excellent communication and presentation skills – able to clearly and succinctly convey information and ideas through a variety of media to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the audience and helps them understand and retain the message.
  • Strong relationship skills – able to build and develop strategic working relationships across the business to facilitate the accomplishment of goals, leverage learning and share best practice.
  • Highly proactive, initiating attitude – able to take prompt action to accomplish objectives and goals beyond what is required, with the energy and tenacity to address bottlenecks and barriers
  • Innovative and intellectually curious.
  • Able to deal with ambiguity and work in a matrix organization.
  • Adaptable and flexible.

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