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Digital / Mobile Marketing Rockstar

This job is no longer available

Mobile Telecoms Start-up
06 January 2014
20 January 2014
Wokingham (nr Reading), Berkshire
The more you rock the more the salary and benefits will rock - as a guide, anything from 25K to 45K

Further information

You rock at digital marketing. Mobile is part of your very being. You’re a born growth hacker. You have ideas-a-plenty that range from cast iron to completely whacky. You love being part of a team but don’t need to have your hand held. You want to be part of something that is only limited by your skills, imagination and the number of hours in the day. You work fast and you like to have fun along the way.

If you’ve been saying, yes, yes, yes… then you could be the marketing rockstar we are here to find.

Some more about you. You…

-    Just get social media. It all makes sense to you as a consumer and a marketer
-    Create effective campaigns and own them from inception to measurement
-    Know how to acquire and retain customers through online channels
-    Always put the customer at the front of your thinking
-    Love learning new stuff – markets, techniques, tools
-    Don’t think a funnel is just the thing you use to fill the dishwasher with salt

Some stuff about us. We…
-    Are a small telecommunications start-up based near Reading
-    Build and market our own apps to consumers around the globe
-    Love our customers and want to do everything we can so that they love us back
-    Have a small team of doers. We like doers
-    Work with the radio on and the balcony doors open (unless its raining really hard)

Still reading?

Want to chew the fat with us about you and how you rock?

Fab. First though, please get in touch. CVs are dull. Send us something that will make us sit up and say, “Hey, you look like you rock”. Anything you like. Anything that will tell us who you are and why you rock.


Mobile Telecoms Start-up

We’re a young mobile telecoms start-up. Our team is small but our thinking is big. Our customers come first. We create and market great apps that enable smartphone users to stay in touch wherever they are.