Junior writer / blogger

Basic salary + 10% bonus if targets are hit.
20 Aug 2013
28 Aug 2013
eCommerce, Media

Econsultancy is looking for a junior writer to join our London-based editorial team. 

Applicants must have a demonstrable passion for all things internet, as well as excellent writing skills.

The Econsultancy blog explores best (and worst) practice across topics such as ecommerce, digital marketing, user experience, SEO, social media and content marketing. It would be helpful if you are familiar with it before you apply.

In short, we’re looking for a talented, hard-working self-starter with a lot of drive, and plenty of ideas. 

This is a fantastic role with great prospects.

Candidate Requirements

Here’s what our ideal candidate looks like:

1. The very highest editorial standards 
2. Factual accuracy and attention to detail 
3. An understanding of content marketing 
4. An awareness of George Orwell’s six rules for writing 
5. The desire to learn, and the ability to learn quickly 
6. An allergy to PRspeak and jargon 
7. Listening skills that would shame an owl 
8. Analytical skills and a fearless approach to data 
9. Industry connections and an established social media presence 
10. The ability to ask all the right questions 
11. Some basic technical knowledge 
12. A distinctive voice 
13. Boundless charm 
14. Diligence 
15. Gumption

To apply

Please email editor@econsultancy.com to explain why you are a perfect fit for this role.

For your application to be considered you *must* include the following...

- Proof of your passion for e-commerce / UX / digital marketing, etc.

- Some examples of your writing (URLs, preferably).

- Your salary expectations.

- Your preferred start date.

- Your key social profiles (e.g. Twitter, LinkedIn).

Thank you, and good luck!